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B. Kiran Chand, B. Sc

President - B. Kiran Chand, B. Sc

Bathula Kiran Chand hails from an ordinary family that endured through a lot of hardships and tribulations. Nevertheless, his parents Mr. Papa Rao and Mrs. Susheela got hold of hard slog and uphill struggle to educate, feed and guide their children with the basic humanitarian lessons serving the needy and lend a hand. Mr. Papa Rao starting from a poor educational and financial background and becoming the Director of Churches of Christ in AP exemplifies their hard work, service and dedication. Accordingly being goaded and enthused from child hood onwards from his parents and own hardships and know-how, he was ardent to serve the poor and needy, for he knows their struggles and sufferings. This very passion and fervency led to gathering of like-minded people and the establishment of IEERD! Being a friend and companion of rural lives, he engages in voluntary service activities from his college life onwards. He attended many training and capacity building programmes of State/National NGOs and other resource organizations/ departments, which added to his core competencies and made him to be a resource person and dedicated social worker. This dynamic young man is now in his 13th year of full time social work. He was awarded many commendations on his outstanding performance and capability of best management, planning, executing, mobilizing, organizing on his own and independently for any activity, group of people, officials, office etc. He has been recommended by the district collector for President’s (Govt. of India) “Best Social Worker” award, which is now in the process of consideration.


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