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7th Economic Census Data Collection Programme

"Census Will Help Us Plan Our Future. Nevertheless, Be Sure To Be Counted With All Indians."

7th Economic Census Data Collection Programme

We are conducting periodic Economic Census in 2 Telugu Speaking- Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in India. Till date we have completed 5450 Survey respondents. We have been assigned another additional 10 geographical area’s to survey in both the sates of our country.
The survey is for measuring the diversity of Non-Farm economic activities operating in fixed premises and locations. It is serving as a nation‐wide Business Register as per international practices adopted by developing countries in line with United Nations Statistics Division recommendations. This project is supported by CSC Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, New Delhi, India.

Awareness Programme on Adult Franchise to the rural illiterate inhabitants
“Voting is a Constitutional Right for all,
Be Bright,
Vote for what is Right”.

We have conducted Voter Awareness and formed informal Forums in 50 villages of Saluru , Merakamudidam, Gurla, Bhogapuram Mandals in Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh, India. We have formed Forums to educate the villagers as their collective responsibility to value and preserve their right. So in this endeavour Voter Awareness Forums played a crucial role in educating about Adult Franchise.
These Forums have educated the inhabitants of 50 Villages on electoral process with the activities like discussions, quizzes, competitions and other engaging activities. Our Staff and Volunteers of the Organisation have taken the responsibility as the Chairperson of the Village Awareness Forums.

Consumer Awareness Programme:

“Don't live to buy, buy to live. Know your rights! Don't be fooled”
We have conducted Consumer Awareness Camps in Ameerpet, Musheerabad, Shaikpet, Nampally Mandal’s of Hyderabad, District, Telangana State and sensitized 560 people and also 487 inhabitants of Nellimarla, Lakkavarapukota, Mentada, Therlam Mandals of Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh.
We have enlightened them about the importance and use of bills and checking the quality of goods while purchasing, and mal-practices especially in weights and measures, and how to identify these mal-practices. It also created awareness on subjects like Consumer rights and responsibilities, mal-practices by shop-keepers, especially in weights and measures, and how to identify these mal-practices.

Digital Skilling and Enhancement of Employment Opportunities Programme:

“Innovate. Inform. Inspire with the ideas that sell”
We have made 640 families digitally literate in Telangana State, and also 10,860 families, inhabiting in Andhra Pradesh, India. All these families were taught about digital literacy awareness, educational and usage based health care, E-Governance and Citizen Services, Financial services. The activities implemented are to empower the semi-literate to build their Capacities living in Semi-Urban, Rural underserved areas. All these beneficiaries are from marginalized communities to fully understand and participate in the digital economy.


"Census Will Help Us Plan Our Future. Nevertheless, Be Sure To Be Counted With All Indians."

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