Adolescent Girls Empowerment Programme

“GIRL means Gift in Real Life

No girl-No mother-No life”

Adolescent & Youth Empowerment

Adolescent Girls Empowerment Programme:
“GIRL means Gift in Real Life
No girl-No mother-No life”

Adolescence is the threshold of adulthood.  To Improve the nutrition and health status of more than 1875 adolescent girls were taught about maintenance of good health in the form of health check-up, referrals, hygiene, nutrition, home-based skills and life skills in more than 25 Government and Private High Schools in Prakasam District. During these programmes we have conducted counselling to educate and motivate these girls. At the time of Counselling we have also provided information/guidance about existing public services such as Primary Health Centres, Rural Hospitals /CHCs, Post Office, Bank, Police Station, etc. Apart from that we have provided School Bags to School Children. This project was supported by Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF), Canada.

Rural Vocational Training Programme:

“Training Youth for Life to Empower Rural Economy”

To fulfil the growing need for skilled manpower and to reduce the unemployment rate in rural villages of Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, 700 Young Girls and  650 Boys, are Provided Trainings in Computer Courses, Mobile phone repair, and  for girls-Beautician, Cutting and Tailoring Course.
To fulfil the growing need for skilled manpower and to reduce the unemployment rate in Tribal areas of Vizianagaramm District, Andhra Pradesh, 50 Young Girls and 50 Boys are provided Trainings in Computer Courses and Fashion Technology. All these trained students got placed in different industries earning their livelihood and leading a good dignified life with respect.

  Adolescent & Youth Drug Abuse- Awareness & Prevention Programme:
"Drugs affect more. So Say ‘NO’ to Drugs"
Today’s Adolescents and youth face many risks, including Alcohol, drug abuse, violence, and HIV/AIDS. Alcohol and Drug abuse has serious consequences in our homes, schools, and communities causing major health problem and deaths in our country. Alcohol and drug abuse- heroin, cocaine, LSD and other drugs are responsible for significant morbidity and mortality among adolescents.
Therefore, we emphasized on enhancing protective factors through Family, School and Community Prevention programmes, with tailor made strategies as a generalized framework that best suited for our own community. We have educated 25 addicted adolescents about their behaviour, social causes and consequences of drug use and how to prevent the drug usage and its consequences. We helped them a sustained recovery of de-addiction and now they are leading a drug free life and continuing their studies and jobs in Ongole  District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Road Safety Awareness Programme:
“All accidents are preventable, Safe Driving, Saves Lives
Stay Alive. Don't Drink and Drive”

To reduce road traffic deaths and injuries of drivers, co-passengers, pedestrians and road occupants, we have conducted road safety awareness rallies and awareness programme for 460 High School Students and 550 Junior and Degree College Students located in Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh. And also in 25 High Schools and 25 Junior and Degree Colleges located in Krishna District Andhra Pradesh. We have also conducted in 25 High Schools and 25 Junior and Degree Colleges located in Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh.  

During our Rallies we have educated the drivers on key behavioural risk factors Such as speeding, drunken driving, lack of seatbelt usage, lack of child restraint usage, lack of helmet usage, vehicle safety standards and government policies and Motor Vehicle Act.
We have also brought the Road Transport Authorities on a single platform and conducted Driving License Mela. We have conducted Learning Licence Registration (LLR) Meetings for youth. In these meetings, youth were educated about the importance of Driving License and got all the 700 participants issued Learning Licence by the Road Transport Authorities.


“Training Youth for Life to Empower Rural Economy”

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