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The Incubation project of IEERD as Host Institute (HI) under MSME, Govt. of India now invites Idea Hackathone applications online! Whatever your innovation idea submit now before the deadline. Let your Dream come true through IEERD's advanced facilities, mentors and experts!!



The establishment of IEERD was an upshot retort to the civic need and, of course, the culmination of the vision of a group of young social activists, who have been involving in voluntary service activities from their teenage and college life onwards. Understanding the rural areas’ holistic development in all realms is possible through common exertion; ......................

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IEERD's Educative and Awareness Creation short film creation wing "IEERD NGO Productions' New Film on "Women's Equality and Girls Education Necessity" has been inaugurated by the Home Minister Smt. Taneti Vanitha Garu on 12-01-2023 at Vijayawada

Our Mission & Vision

We visualize a society where all human beings enjoy freedom, education, power, equality, privileges irrespective of gender, caste, colour, ethnic segments and a world environmentally balanced and sound.

Our mission is to capacitate the poor, deprived, landless, and the unreached Rural, Dalit & Tribal, Urban, Slum inhabitants towards an enhanced status enlivening them from the dungeon ..............

Our Initiatives

IEERD works on prioritized thematic areas of focus. These areas are not of selective or preplanned, but they are evolved from the areas, communities and geographical need and our own working experience among the rural population and the very stimulating need emerged from the results of the degrading environment only........................



IEERD takes up research and demonstration activities under an expert and experienced team with Ph. D holders on few thematic areas like diseases, rural raw material based innovations etc.....​

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Ieerd offers the best services and opportunities for volunteering to Indian and foreign aspirants on variety of thematic areas over South Indian states, coastal lines, Eastern Ghats, NS Tiger reserve....

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Women of our areas need support and assistance to have sustainable and promising source of livelihood. for they are the great sufferers than men looking after the whole family, children, aged ......

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These two areas are that need special concern and immediate action, for the farming families feed us and the nation and the depletion of natural resources are at peak now with adverse effects...​

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It is an inevitable project and need for the rehabilitation of abandoned, wandering and  single living aged people both men and women. They have no source of living and have no shelter homes ............

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IEERD extends emergency response and support for the relief of people and families met with natural calamities like flood, rains, landslides, road accidents, injured animals etc. through a fund.........


Emergency Support

IEERD extends its support in times of emergency of all types through its exclusive and dedicated wing. During this Covid-19 years, IEERD has reached more than 25000 lives with food, PPE kits, emergency health care and to send people to their home towns etc......

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Get Involved

IEERD gives variety of opportunities to get involved with our projects and initiatives. They include supporting our causes by selecting them from our various inevitable and new initiatives page. And secondly by involving with our activities across southern Indian states according to your choices and passion as a volunteer. IEERD can arrange variety of needy activities and communities with all basic arrangements......

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" My family and me completely owe to IEERD NGO, for presently we are blessed with industry, agriculture and promising source of income through them by the magnanimous support and assistance of IEERD.”

Mrs. T. Yadamma, Ballikoruva

Our Partners and Funders

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