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Child Welfare Initiatives

Awareness Programme to Rescue Vulnerable Child Labour
Child labour is one of the grave problems faced by the Indian society from a long time. It has been around for decades. We have rescued 740 vulnerable children from the streets, public places seen begging, rag picking, working in hotels, agricultural farms, anti-social activities, girls working as maid servants and also in the farm fields. This Programme was run throughout the year to rescue children round-the-clock from Bus Stands, Railway Stations in Kothagudem District, Telangana State.

What is Education for IEERD

Education is not alone helping children to learn and study for IEERD......

  • “For IEERD, education is not mere education of children or college students, but it defines more deep into everyone’s educational development towards indispensable life changes for integrated development. Thus apart from supporting students for their education, IEERD focuses on educating communities on various aspects. awareness creation trainings on Women Rights, Constitution, Consumer Rights, Food and Nutrition, Various Acts, Equality, Health, Hygiene, Govt. Schemes, RTI/RTE/RTS, Human Rights, Legal Awareness for Women, Energy-renewable & alternative, Environment, Forest resources, Cottage industries, CAT, Organic farming, Bio-mass and such many…..

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