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The old age people are the very assets to other individuals, families, society etc. They are the people lived a life full of hard works and completing the life –purpose being fulfilled. The old-aged are same in nature, character, talking, walking etc to kids. And so both the ages needed to be cared well. One is entering to life and other is ending to life. Both have mental and physical weaknesses. And so an attention of care and concern needed. But ironically the old age people are being treated even by children too as ineffectual ones and yoke. There are a lot of old aged people who are alone at homes and there are some others who are abandoned and without care remain calm bearing all sufferings.  Single living aged people are increasing day by day. When the children migrated to other cities for works, they did not take the aged people with them. They are often homeless and resource poor. And after many years also children did not return. Thus the aged people suffered a lot even to have daily food!

Seeing the plights of these old people, we thought to help them by extending a hand of support. And the illiterate parents are often left without getting old-age pension and even treatment too, for many do not have even identity cards too. And so IEERD established two old-age homes to rehabilitate such very needy aged people both men and women.

IEERD has 2 exclusive Rehabilitation Homes at Chilakaluripet and Addanki of Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh.


Help them who cannot help themselves now! They need your magnanimous help to have survival and life!!

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