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Green Tiles

Vision, Mission and Strategies

Our Vision

IEERD visualize a society where all people and children enjoy freedom, education, power, equality, privileges and development accesses/opportunities irrespective of gender, caste, colour, ethnic segments and a world environmentally balanced and sound.


Our Mission

Our mission is to capacitate the poor, deprived, landless, and the unreached rural/urban/slum people, women and children towards an enhanced status enlivening them from the dungeon of their misfortune/inability through initiating collective action among them in a constitutional, democratic and participatory spirit; and to save our environment and nature.


Our Strategies

IEERD’s strategies that are evolved from its founders’ very background of prior founding experience, its own working experience among the rural population and the very stimulating need emerged from its working areas are the prime and principle things that lead IEERD in it successful implementation of activities and accomplishments of its objectives, and they are:

  • Community Structures and Capacity Building

  • Reaching the individual with the good news

  • Advocacy and Lobbying

  • Participation and leadership

  • Action Research and Information Dissemination

  • Networking and Linkages

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