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Our Rehabilitation Homes

Old Age Home:

Usually or normally the situation of orphan, aged, transgenders and people engaged in begging, street children etc. are sufferers who have no IDs, income sources, ability to work. And they eke out a living by engaged in begging. And the things exacerbated during this Covid-19 lockdowns and related chaos of non-access to begging or getting at least one time food from somebody! And thus more than the resource poor people these categories of people became great sufferers and people threatened for a survival!

And towards the welfare and rehabilitation of such orphan, aged – men and women, people engaged in begging, IIERD has rehabilitation homes at Namburivaripalem and 325 SH Road, Addanki, Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh state. And finding the pathetic situation of the above mentioned categories of people, IEERD though constrained, rehabilitated and provided shelter to transgenders and people in beggary during the last 3 years. We also provided them with healthy meals, yoga classes, and recreational activity and PPE items too. IEERD believes that it will be an effaceable iniquity if we don’t extend a hand of support to such people in need of life-survival!

IEERD has 2 Old Age Homes, 2 Child Rehabilitation Home and one Night Shelter for People engaged in Begging and Transgenders 


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So Far Achievements

We are striving to fill the gaps for 740 abandoned elders. We are taking care, providing much-needed services and support to these aged elders in Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh. We are working and providing Food, Shelter and Clothing, Medical Counselling and Services, Yoga and other Recreational entertainment. While understanding their emotional and psychological needs, these elderly are being made to participate along with us in few of our project areas, where they can benefit to the maximum and interact with each other to live a happier life.

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