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Road Safety Initiatives

IEERD is one of the District Transport Committee Member (NGO) in Prakasam District, headed by District Collector, MP, DSP, DTC etc.

The number of fatal road accidents also increased from 347 in 2020 to 389 in 2021, a jump of 10%. While fatal road accidents killed 375 people in 2020, some 409 people died last year. The comparison of the proportion of fatal accidents to overall accidents also highlights an increase in the fatality ratio. Road safety is the prevention and protection of road accidents by using all the road safety measures. It is to secure people while traveling on the roads. It is to make safe all the road users such as pedestrians, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, multi-wheelers, and other transport vehicle users. Practicing road safety measures is very good and safe to all people all through the life. Everyone should respect others while driving or walking on the road and take care of their safety. People safety on the road is one of the most important aspects in order to avoid road side accidents, injury, and death. We can judge the importance of road safety on the basis of national statistical data about total reported accidents and death. Almost 42% cases involve pedestrians and one way road users. Our project areas of the Andhra Pradesh, is so backward in road safety measures and even many of the drivers and especially bike riders have license!


on 20th January 2023, IEERD released its exclusive new film on "Road Safety"; it was released by Shri, Dinesh Kumar IAS, District Collector, Smt. Malika Garg IPS, Superintendent of Police, Prakasam district, Smt. B. Srikirshnaveni, Deputy Transport Commissioner, Additional SP, Motor Department Officials, Members DRTC Members and public at district head quarter, Ongole. 

Our Activities

Using the methods of creating awareness among common public and students through meetings, videos and rallies etc, IEERD conduct many programmes to educate them on basic road-safety rules/measures, green cross code means stop, look, listen, think and then cross, learning of traffic lights, understanding of road signs, etc. We also focused on basic awareness about vehicle, defensive driving according to weather and road conditions, use of vehicle lights and horn, wearing seat belt, well use of vehicle mirrors, avoid over-speeding, understanding road lights, maintaining distance of vehicle on road, proper understanding of handling crisis situation, etc. We have an advanced driving skill training center too.

IEERD apart from organizing Road Safety advocacy campaigns, activities, educational initiatives, pledges and all, it develops IEC materials exclusively on Road Safety Measures and Rules, it develops exclusive films and demonstrates, show the same to the public and drivers over the district of Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh, it also publishes the same in Social Medias too. 

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