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Understanding the need for rural and urban income enhancement and livelihoods, IEERD has regular skill development training programmes and entrepreneurship development centers across the State, Andhra Pradesh. The main aim of such centers is that they are planned to:

  • To provide a common platform for women, girls and youth of poor families those are in inevitable need due to livelihood shortages to come together to legal entities etc.

  • Provide qualitative and quantitative skill training at par with NSDC, NSQF, NOSs standards so to make them employable, eligible and also capable to have own enterprises.

  • To provide sustainable and promising source of income through chain enterprising based on garments’ designing, making, rural outlets and all through exclusive chain network enterprising.

  • To help women led families to have sustainable income and livelihood sources towards life survival of rural and slum dwellers and the children’s overall development.

  • Facilitate standard and competent startup and entrepreneurship infrastructure and ecosystem so to make them nation builders.


IEERD has now 5 of such Skilling & Enterprising Centers like Business and Livelihood Incubation Centers with all amenities and resource facilities named “IEERD Skill Center 1”, “IEERD Skill Center 2” etc. across three states; Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Odisha.



Our Skilling and Enterprising Centers

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