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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is one of the main Objectives of IEERD and it goes to the very identical drive that led to the establishment of IEERD. Since the beginning onwards IEERD works on the same. Understanding that among the massive issues that debilitate and make the women under inequality and misfortunate; shortage of income and employment opportunities are the prime issues. Women’s socio-political participation will bring empowerment and equality in many levels. And so IEERD takes up skilling & Enterprising, CBOs formation, Women’s education, Digital literacy etc.

So Far Achievements

  • More than 650 beneficiaries from marginalized and vulnerable communities of the society in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, have received our Skill Training Programmes. Among them we have facilitated more than 440 widows, single mothers to avail loan facility from financial lending institutions to start their own microenterprises with Convergence & Linkages from financial Institutions.

  • We have built 200 rural women’s capacities by conducting workshops and seminars to build the confidence, create awareness about the various provisions in the law, supporting institution and local governing bodies, eventually making them to form groups, society and federation to eradicate the Gender based violence in the society. This programme was conducted in Siddipet District, Telangana State, to respond and prevent the Gender based discrimination and Violence in the society.

  • To improve Women’s equal access to and control of economic resources, access to education, health care, employment, equal remuneration, occupational health, safety and social security, participation and leadership in decision making in social, political and economic life at all levels, and assist efforts to eliminate discrimination against women, and to incorporate a gender perspective in the development process, we have implemented Gender mainstream and socio-economic empowerment programme in Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, India. More than 250 women and girls have actively participated and benefitted from our programme.

  • Skill Development Trainings & Employment for Women

  • "Skill is an Asset, It Assures Employment"

  • We have provided skill trainings to enable a 95 unemployed, under privileged school dropout women from marginalized and downtrodden communities. Our Trainings in Tailoring and Fabric Painting has provided few of them with jobs and others started their own micro enterprise. They are earning a better livelihood with dignity in Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh.

  • We have trained more than 100 Girls and women in Suryapet  District, Telangana State, in Handloom Weaving- Telia / Ikkat which is considered to be one of the most intricate double Ikat weaves, the Telia (tel- oil-in Chirala) Rumal (handkerchief).

  • Socio-Economic Welfare of Marginalized & Vulnerable BPL families

  • "Empower women & Develop the nation"

  • We have identified 125 potential trainees from Marginalized & Vulnerable BPL families in Vizianagram District, Andhra Pradesh. These women and girls were sensitized and trained in various Income Generation Activities- Goat and Sheep Management, Dairy Farming Management, Poultry Management, Tailoring and Embroidery, and Fashion Design Management according to their field of Interest and desire. All these beneficiary trainees were taken on an exposure visit to the nearest micro enterprise units to show them their Business Production Procedures and Marketing Operations to make them understand and learn the business to earn with dignity.

  • Utilising bamboo as an economic driver for providing sustainable livelihood to the unemployed women and girls, we have created opportunities to 780 Rural & Tribal population in Julurpadu District, Telanagana State. The business models we have designed are to work at base of the economic pyramid and promote bamboo as an eco-friendly substitute to wood, steel, iron & plastic.

  • Conducted Leadership Training Programme under the theme “Vision, Think & Accomplish the Path to Victory”

  • To build the capacities of Women and girl Volunteers we have organized camps teach them NGO management to improve their management skills. 400 Participants were motivated to undertake community Works and assume the role of a leader.

  • 680 women and girls from rural villages and town slums of Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh are trained in promoting gender responsiveness in education, enhancing critical thinking and informed decision making, Overcoming social norms and fears of gender based violence, household tasks, stopping early child marriages in their villages.

  • We are creating girl friendly environment, where boys and girls value and respect each other and thrive through healthy competition as future citizens knowing their rights and responsibility in schools and colleges.

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